Parson Russell terrier a Komondor Obojky a vodítka Venchim

Parson Russell terrier and Komondor - of Beautiful Cold Hill

 Parson Russell terrier puppies


First weeks with our Cinnamon Cookies fly. Our little mice grew up into fatty pillows and right now they are in stage of combat dumplings :)
The best fun starts and our puppies were moved to our kitchen, where they spend the whole time with us and we can enjoy their still unbiting company.
Cinnamon & Cookie already got their second antiechinococcus treatment. They love Xia's mascarpone and also meat. They started to discover new places outside their whelping box, bark, growl and play with each other.

28.02.2021 - PUPPIES ARE BORN

Week ago Xia gave birth to her litter. Unfortunately not all pups were born alive and so we have only two. They are beautiful and amazing - a boy and a girl. Their names are Cinnamon and Cookie :) Xia and her two babies are doing very well and we are blessed with new life :)

07.01.2021 - WE HAVE MATED

Please contact us by email or phone for more information.
If the mating was successful puppies should be born by the end of February 2021 and they will be ready to leave to their new homes by the end of April 2021 :).

Mum will be our Xia Vom Hatzenbach and the sire vom Münsterland Brad.
We expect tricolour and black and white coloured puppies.

Staré Křečany, Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 737 432 814

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