Parson Russell terrier a Komondor Obojky a vodítka Venchim

Parson Russell terrier and Komondor - of Beautiful Cold Hill

Parson Russell terrier and komondor kennel of Beautiful Cold Hill

"When you finally realise, there is not only one way in this world and take your currage to go your own."


When writing these words I am happy and sad at the same time... I start from the begining, the way I always wished, but also I leave a piece of my heart behind. I have fear of how the things will work, but I am sure of the one thing...this is MY way. I finally took a currage and made the first steps and look very much forward for steps to follow and where will they lead me.

We are a family with three children living on the czech country. We love nature and space, which is also a reason we moved to Sluknov area. For some it is the end of the world :D With our oldest dog, Mr.El Parson GRANDE, as we like to call him, we live together nearly 14 years. Calimero Bredie's alias Bearkly was my first dream dog buddy and I got what I wished - uncontrolled hyperactive dog, who always pushed my psychical and physical limits. He made me work hard as no one else. We passed all our troubles in the begining and some more followed, but I desperately fell in love with the breed. It was very clear we can not stay with only one piece.

Right now we have 4 Russell Terriers and 1 comondor, who is the guarding dog. You can find more info about each of them in OUR DOGS.

I do not intent to breed much but I want to produce high quality and healthy puppies. This breed is a working dog, so I breed with working lines with typical character of the breed and exterior fit for function. This is the main reason we decided to quit from FCI and Czech breeders club, where the idea of the breed does not meet my philosophy of the breed. Now we breed under Deutscher Jack Russell Terrier Verband e.V..

Staré Křečany, Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 737 432 814

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